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Get your eyebrows meticulously sculpted and refined by me, a licensed Esthetician, in the comfort of your own home, your office, your girl's night. Wherever.

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Perfect for the busy parent, working professional, and everyone in between. I provide the tools, table, and talent while you relax. Your time is precious. Simplify.

Safe and Sanitary.

My technique utilizes tweezers only, so there's no burning or other skin issues that can arise with waxing. You'll get a clean, detailed, and tailored look. Always.  

First appointments are always 50% off!

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Kate, Scarborough

Jenileigh is an amazing Brow specialist. Aaaaammmmaaaazzziiiinnnggg!! I promise you once you have her do it you will never want anyone else to touch your face. 

Kristin, Portland

Getting my eyebrows shaped by Jenileigh was such a great experience. She did mine and a few friends at my was so relaxing and fun! And I loved how she did not use brows were the cleanest and best shape they've ever been! I definitely recommend using her!!!! 


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About the Eyebrow Artist

Jenileigh Taylor, licensed Esthetician

I received my Esthetician license at Pierre's School of Cosmotology. I started practicing Esthetics over a decade ago. I love makeup, skincare, and everything that goes with it (especially doing eyebrows!)'s definitely my passion. My TRUE love, however, is my family. I am a stay-at-home-mom to two beautiful little girls, and we, along with my husband and chocolate Labrador, live in Portland. 

Besides spending time with my family, I love music and really enjoy seeing live bands around Portland. I even sing occasionally! I am a huge fan of all Boston sports teams, but particularly the Patriots...I'm obsessed with football and DIEHARD for the Pats!!

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